Thursday, May 22, 2008

Chinese Phones Master Password

The password for most of the Chinese phones on the market by default is:

Because you don't get an English manual with the phone.

With this password you can master reset and do all closed functions.


Zango said...

hi, i´m usim a chinese 6300 phone, and i want to lock the keypad using password code. please help me!!!!!

ukb said...

i have N958 china mobile. i found the ring tones and video will not worked when loaded in any format. any one have the solution give the reply to

arvindgr said...

I brought a mobile [mt6227] and found that it has 8888 security code


Toshnidhi said...

even in my cel mt6227 code is 1122. thanx buddy

Anonymous said...

im having a s6 chinese mobile phone .. where to download the driver and pc suite for it?
please email to

Anonymous said...

visit for more Details and update

Leinad said...

Thanks a lot