Thursday, May 22, 2008

MT6227 PC Sync Manager

PC Sync Manager

It should work with other models:
ZT6618 PDA, i-tv v10, MT 6227 PDA, ZTC Pocket PC 678, NcKIA N77, N82, Tecno T-880, NOKIA N99.

And generally all Chinese Cellular phones.


johnny said...

hi wiss, ur a wizard anyway. may i ask for proper usage of MT6227 software because the phone usb doesnt show only the removable memory card.
i will greatly appreciate your help. kindly send ur reply on my email add. a million thanks and more power.

stamonica_001 said...

hi wiss, i also have the same problem with johnny, i would appreciate if u can also tell me how to properly install and use mt6227 software for my chang jiang a968 model. i downloaded the software on the link u gave.

pls. send me ur reply on my email. thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

is there any chance this software works with cect c2688?

dino said...


i followed you instructions but it still doesn't work.

once i connect the phone to my laptop, the phone recognizes the connection but the pc doesn't. the phone charges its battery but the USB device icon doesn't show up in my taskbar.. please help.

arkanoid said...

well, it is damn old and does not allow calendar access. Is there anything newer?

BTW it works fine under linux if you create bluetooth virtual serial port to the phone.

Francis said...

hi wiss, the mt6227 USB modem driver does not work with my ZTC C5000.If there is a chance you have it pliz contact me on my email address.congrats!

Saurabh said...

i have mt 6227 china mobile Phone.
can anybody tell me that which format install in this phone.
Actually i wanna install games and theme, but i don't know which format support it?
Plz help me.

The Jazz Guy said...

downloaded software tried installing (setup.exe), but it gives me a cannot find file message for setup.exe or one of it's components.

please help

The Jazz Guy said...

and again